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About Us

Concap Industries is located in Queensland, Australia, and has an internet presence through the website concapindustries.com.au
The website is a product of the ongoing collaboration between Concap Industries (Australia), Neurospaces Development (Belgium), and Three Way Street (Australia).
We are committed to the collection of data and development of algorithms that structure and support cost estimation in the construction industry. This goal is achieved by our state-of-the-art software applications that run in a web browser on your PC, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.
Currently, we have developed and made available online software that supports calculation of all-in base net hourly rate wage and salary costs for all 363 Trades, Earthmoving Plant Operators and labourers, in the Australian Construction Industry; relevant to the Fair Work Commission Consolidated Modern Award MA000020, B.C.G.O.S. (Building & Construction General On-Site) Award 2010, including all amendments up to and including June of every year, for P.P.C. (Pay Period Commencing), on the following 1 July of that year.
This software is annually updated, on the 1 July, relative to the Federal Award MA000020 and on the 1 March, relative to the E.B.A. (Enterprise Bargain Agreement).
Please watch audio / video on-screen recording tutorial, on YouTube, for end user instructions, in how to determine, the Current All-in Base Net Hourly Rate, for Individual Wage, Broad Estimate or Charge Out Applications, using Concap Industries Web Site Based Software;
Australian Construction Industry Base Net Hourly Rate Estimating Software.
This website is hosted by our European partner Neurospaces Development on servers located in Belgium.

Concap Industries

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Nicholas Diakonoff--Founder & CEO

Nick's extensive career started at the age of sixteen in the residential sector of the construction industry as an apprentice carpenter and plasterer. He became a competent leading hand tradesman--eventually becoming self-employed as a fitout sub-contractor in the commercial sector of the construction industry.
He has worked as a tradesman, leading hand tradesman, self-employed sub-contractor, construction supervisor, site manager, estimator, contract administrator, construction manager, fitout and property development project manager.
For the first ten years of his working life he worked in the residential sector of the construction industry. For the following thirty two years he worked in the commercial and industrial sector of the construction industry.
Nick has direct ``hands on'' experience from sub-contract tender packaging, contract administration, site establishment, to site supervision of civil earth works, services, structure, finishes, through to building commissioning and client delivery.
He is very experienced in property development project management, and ``putting together and heading up'' construction design teams.
Nick has sourced, negotiated fee structures and commissioned architects, land surveyors, geotechnical, civil and structural engineers, services design engineers (hydraulics, electrical, fire protection, mechanical air cooling and ventilation, elevator installations), landscape design, traffic management and acoustical design, town planning (local government design negotiation consultants), lawyers, construction schedules (programming consultants), quantity surveyors (cost consultants), tender (bid) process, contract administration and building certification.
Nick is also highly experienced and capable in ``following up'' with actual on site construction management and supervision.
Having reached the pinnacle of the development and construction industry, Nick's goal is now to formalize his knowledge, experience, and resources to develop more objective and quantified construction estimating procedures and outcomes. The ultimate aim: There is no construction project for which Concap Industries Estimation Software could not provide comprehensive cost estimates.
Nick believes there is no such thing as a problem--only cost effective solutions in a safe work environment.

Neurospaces Development

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Hugo Cornelis, Ph.D.--Founder & CEO

Hugo obtained a degree in informatics at the University of Antwerp. Hugo brings over 20 years of software development experience to the Concap website. During his career he developed CAD software solutions for architects, implemented embedded systems for satellite communications that were used for broadcasting of the Olympic Games in Athens (2004) and for many years he was the principal architect and world-wide representative of one of the most widely used simulators in fundamental brain research.

The son of a CFO of a chain logistics and freight management company, Hugo has also been interested in accountancy and finances, general economy and the enterprise structure of innovative companies. Today, he is an entrepreneur incorporating his own company to bring new innovative software solutions to daily customers. Hugo manages software projects in sciences, the music industry and tourism.

Three Way Street

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Allan Coop, Ph.D.--Founder & CEO

Allan left school at the age of sixteen and soon afterwards became a carpenter's labourer. This continued a family tradition as both his father and grandfather before him had been carpenter builders.
Two decades later, as a mature age student he graduated from the John Curtin School of Medical Research with a Ph.D. in Neuroscience. He then worked in the USA as a computational neuroscientist. Initially at the Rockefeller University in Manhattan and then with the Computational Biology Initiative in San Antonio.
As an Assistant Professor he developed use cases and documentation for the leading neuronal simulation software platform GENESIS. During this time he collaborated extensively with Hugo Cornelis.
More recently, he has partnered with Hugo in a collaboration to employ their skills for problem solving in Big Data, digital publication, and distributed internet-based content management systems.
With considerable experience in conceptual design, interaction design, user interface and information architecture, prototyping, and workflow specification development, Allan brings a wealth of experience to the development of Concap Industry's user friendly interactive software experience.
In this current collaboration he is responsible for the design and development of the graphic user interface and workflows that bring the sophistication of the Concap Industries web site to the internet.

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