Our Minecraft Server

Our Minecraft Server is our hobby. We love it.

You wanna join? Great, please join!

We are Jarne, Bor, Tobias and Tibe. Some of us have Youtube channels -- also a lot of fun.

We have a lot of fun crafting and constructing things. Have a look at our screenshots ...

screenshot_id 2015-11-07_09.34.24.png
screenshot_id 2015-11-07_09.41.04.png
screenshot_id 2015-11-07_09.49.05 (2).png
screenshot_id 2015-11-07_09.51.31.png
screenshot_id 2015-11-07_09.52.08.png
screenshot_id 2015-11-07_09.54.04.png
screenshot cover
screenshot cover