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We wish all of you a very happy 2015! We also would like to welcome all new users to the Agora Classica community. Our user base is steadily growing and we are very grateful for that.

We work hard on improving the user experience. Within Agora Classica you can now create personal magazines or feeds. You can find your personal feeds here. This page might still be empty but we will show you how you can add new feeds.

Simply said: your personal feeds are saved searches. For instance, If you want to be up-to-date on new recordings of music of 'Benjamin Britten', search for his name and click the [+]-button. You have just created a new feed: a magazine dedicated to Britten. This feed dynamically updates with newly added reviews about this great composer. You can also search for performers or mix composers, performers, labels and so on, see for instance: 'Bach Suzuki', 'Verdi Arthaus'. You can create as many of these feeds as you want and personalize your experience with Agora Classica.

We hope you will like this feature and we welcome any feedback from you.

Music is the reason why we started Agora Classica. In that regard, January saw a new batch of fascinating reviews. We selected here below three great articles. As one of the articles is a book review, this is an excellent way to remind you we have also inspiring book reviews on offer.

Happy reading and happy listening,
The Agora Classica Team

With iconic recordings by Barbirolli, Britten, Boult and Sargent, not to mention more recent versions from Hickox, Colin Davis, Elder and Rattle,Gerontius has been exceptionally well-served on disc. However...
The music of the French-Canadian composer Claude Vivier has been in need of a champion ...
Cecilia does it again! This is a really fascinating and delightful disc of music culled from the Mariinsky library archives, producing 11 world premiere recordings, played with ...
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