Dear friends of classical music,
Since last newsletter our magazines reviewed many interesting CDs, DVDs and books. Below you can find a few that might spark your interest. Enjoy!
'This book, indispensable reading for any admirer of Richter, is mostly concerned with his childhood and formative years, when revolution was followed by civil war, famine and wartime occupation.'
'This is clearly one of my books of the year.
Classical Music

'Stravinsky-Fs Mass (1944-47) is the composers most substantial liturgical work. Its exquisite beauty references (even if the composer denied it) Palestrina and medieval music. It here receives one of the finest readings Ive experienced.'
-A Choir & Organ

'This is at least as fine a cycle as Kocsis-F (which in any case is now download-only), and with consistently fine German Radio sound.'
-A Classical Music

'From colour-saturated dance music to desperate depths of lamentation (notably from the phenomenally expressive contralto Waed Bouhassoun), this SACD with (as ever) stunningly beautiful booklet enthrals, enchants and demands total attention.-F.
-A Choir & Organ

'This fine addition to the Tavener discography brings together many works from the composer-Fs final years, some of which were commissioned by the Wells Cathedral Choir and here receive their premiere recordings.'
-A Choir & Organ

'Netrebko-Fs voice is now richer, the production smoother, the timbre more even through her range. She sails through her arias with aplomb and delineates character well'
-A Opera Now

'He goes inside the music with a sensual introspection that stands up to the buffeting that much of Beethoven-Fs writing demands.'
-A International Piano

Happy reading and listening!

Johan Plochaet
Agora Classica
Agora Classica