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Featuring music from the stage show Possessed first presented by EX at the Galway Early Music Festival in 2010, this is one of those scintillatingly clever programmes that challenges everything you thought you knew about early music. Familiar repertoire is reworked to explore an age-old fascination with possession-rites; as Eric Fraad says ‘long before Linda Blair took on the Catholic Church and made one hell of a mess of her bedroom, possession was an integral feature of religious practice throughout the world’. And EX certainly traverse the world, mashing medievalisms and orientalisms with a mischievous smile – the result could be likened to a jam- session between David Munrow and Marisa Monte! The performances are exciting, stylish and packed with attractive bright guitar textures reminiscent of the Brazilian cavaquinho. Clara Sanabras’ singing is particularly sublime. If you fancy a little something both brilliant and mischievous, then this is absolutely for you.

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