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I will finish with a probable first: an opera recorded and filmed in Bogotá, Columbia. Orfeo Chamán is an attempt to retell the myth through a mixture of folk songs from mainly South America and Baroque music. It sounds a mish-mash – indeed it is, but in a wonderful way. It has vigour, style and a unique voice. Composed and created by Christina Pluhar, she enthusiastically leads her early music group, L’Arpeggiata, from the pit. Onstage, the blind young Argentinian performer Nahuel Pennisi sings Orfeo with a haunting tone, accompanies himself on the guitar, and is surrounded by inventive mayhem. Animals abound, the costumes are kaleidoscopic, and the movement is a whirl – capoeira and zumba don’t often crop up on the opera stage, but it all adds to the gusto of the storytelling. One disc is a DVD of the staged performance, the other is the soundtrack. Enjoy!

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