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‘Love … is the subject of this CD’: while the disc’s title (taken from Monteverdi’s eighth madrigal book) suggests that from the off, it comes as a slight surprise to learn that this is an entirely instrumental disc, and so we have to let our imaginations take over and conjure up the amorous goings-on without the help of sung texts.

Director Leonor de Lera’s nimble violin and Josué Meléndez’s silky-smooth cornetto – both instruments vaunted as the closest, expression-wise, to the human voice – soon make one forget the absence of a singer, and they are ably supported by violin, viola da gamba, chordophones and harpsichord in works by Marini, Merula, Uccellini, Rognoni, and Barbara Strozzi. De Lera also contributes her own set of diminutions on an aria from Cavalli’s opera

Gli amori d’Apollo e di Dafne; these are clearly the result of years of study of the art of diminution, and impress no less than ‘the real thing’!

Some of the concept is a little far-fetched at times: ‘two ciacconas brings [sic] us the happy side of love’, just because that lively ground-bass is ‘often used in love themes’? Seems to be stretching the point a bit, but with playing of this standard such quibbles are swiftly forgotten.

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