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The music of the Spanish baroque remains a largely unexplored treasure trove, especially on record, hence the evocative title for this selection of Nebra’s long-lost sonatas and toccatas for keyboard, although to open the disc with a track of symbolic silence is possibly to labour the point. José de Nebra (1702- 68) – or Joseph Nebra, as Verso calls him – was the most celebrated member of an influential musical dynasty, famous chiefly for his many zarzuelas, operas and sacred works, though renowned also as an organist and teacher (his pupils included his nephew Manuel Blasco de Nebra and Antonio Soler). Nearly all the pieces on this disc are manuscript copies unearthed in private collections and archives; most are undated and devoid of tempo and dynamic markings, which suggests Nebra used them for teaching. Though probably intended for clavichord or harpsichord, they sound perfectly suited to the piano on this superbly recorded live recital, and, didactic or not, they make delightful listening, full of darting rhythms, vivacious flourishes and ingenious harmonic twists.

The young, prize-winning Spanish pianist Moisès Fernández Via makes a persuasive advocate, keenly alert to Nebra’s finesse and lively idiosyncrasies, from plangent yearning (Toccata in C minor) and skipping gaiety (two Toccatas in G major) to the serene calm and deft filigree of the Grave on the 8th Tone. Via closes his recital with a rapt improvisation on a fragment from a lost Grave; it’s a lovely gesture, cajoling new beauty from old as he draws Nebra into the 21st century.

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