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This excellent set is performed at A=430Hz on original instruments or copies thereof. The temperament used is that of Bach/ Lehnman, which emphasises the brightness of sharp keys and the softness of flat ones.

The performance of the first trio is full of life, especially in the Presto finale; the crown is the expansiveness of the Adagio cantabile, wherein Maggie Cole’s touch is miraculous. The fortepiano, a McNulty copy of a 1795 Anton Walter, has a beautifully lucent sound, complemented by the gut strings on the violin and cello.

The Trio in G major is probably the least known of the three yet the work breathes serenity, reaching its apogee in the slow movement. The Trio Goya captures the heart of this work; this is one of the finest performances anywhere, while the dynamism of the C minor offers excellent contrast.

There are excellent notes by William Drabkin. This Beethoven complements this group’s superb Haydn for Chandos.

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